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About our CDs

Our new meditation and relaxation CD
To order and for more info please visit: The Relaxation Company

Available everywhere. OM to OHM on Koch Records

Also Available
"Sound healer" our sound meditation CD is now available go to: CD Baby or at iTunes This disc will be available for a limited time only.


Studio CD "STAR"

This is music for active listening and movement. The out-breath to "deeper's" in-breath. Star is for waking up. Politically - environmentally - spiritually - this is the time to be aware!!!!

Star utilizes not only the pure tone of Quartz Crystal Bowls but also the High
Frequency Quartz Bowls made with: Platinum, Gold, Rose Quartz and Molavite.
As well as Clear, Aqua Gold, Indigo, Holographic and Ultra Light Quartz Crystal Bowls.

The Bowls were recording at the Crystal Tones warehouse in Salt Lake City,
Utah. Star also features a big dose of electronics and drums and various world and concert flutes.

Click HERE to listen to sound samples.


Also available


Music for enhanced shakuhachi and quartz crystal bowls

Out of the holographic sea of vibrational energy we offer this recording. We infuse it with the highest intention of love and health.

This CD is a solidified form of vibrational medicine that can assist in the balancing of our electromagnetic bio-fields and help in the re-patterning of cells through a system of entrainment on a molecular level. Using the high frequency transmission of chakra tuned quartz crystal bowls and the Japanese shakuhachi flutes, we create a sonic environment for pure vibrational restoration and expansion. Knowing that sound is a wonderful vehicle for intention to travel on, our focus is to enhance the listener's own intuitive abilities.

We use instruments made of silica and carbon, these tools which are tuned to the human energy system, speak directly to our very DNA. Everything is vibration and everything is giving us information and knowledge.

We hold deep inside ourselves the key (note).

Everything that we require is already encoded within our DNA. Helixes and galaxies imprint circular forms of spiraling sacred geometric tone patterns that make up the design for this human expression called life.

Your distant ancestors knew this and you are they.

We live in this holographic fractal of energy, vibration and consciousness and it is though our cultural biasing and our place in the evolutionary state through which we view this spectrum. Realize that it truly is our spirit that is the guide of measurement. We live in wondrous times and the journey is forever unfolding. So know intuitively that we are all harmonious energies living an experience called life - a life in balance.




this is the re-mastered version.
Live represents the music of a classic Life In Balance "sound healing meditation session"
Music for energy activation and bodywork.
The "Live" is available ony through this website or at a Life In Balance concert or sound session

Life In Balance Selected Discography:

Remember who you are - one: (1998) Limited to 2000 copies each
numbered and signed. Out of print.

Pulse (2000): Life In Balance with Jim Donovan. Available again summer 2007

Deeper (2000): Music to amplify energy and body work. This CD is
well into its 9th pressing.

Star (2004): Utilizing world rhythms and electronics morphed and
blended with the high frequency quartz crystal bowls.

Live (2005): a live recording of our sound meditation. (without the spoken words) Limited edition
sold only at live performances.

Soundhealer (2006): Creates a very deep trance state for the sonic
healing to occur. This CD has a guided meditation.

"OM to OHM" (2007) Our first major label
release - Oscillate. Activate.
This is an integrated, song based CD balancing sacred tradition with
cutting edge technology. The end result is the ability to access the
deep core of our pre-birth existence with our evolutionary destiny.
This is the process of tuning the musical energy field. Galaxies
imprints are activated within our DNA moving us towards our
hybridization into singularity, Oneness with all. All within a song,
seamlessly moving from one evolution into another.

We have supplied music for the "Tracks Across the Universe:
Chronology of Ambient & Electronic music" compilation CD, and have
been commissioned to write music for several meditation CDs.

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